Our History

Nuestra Historia

Directed by the renowned chef Paco Pérez has born a new culinary project in an excellent location in the city, two years after the success of La Royale.

Partnerships and friends threw in without hesitation, to work hard and meet this new challenge that aims to provide the best, high quality product at affordable prices do to the times we are living in, and that's how L'eggs arises.

The first gourmet restaurant, that has the egg as a protagonist. As it can not be otherwise, good eggs have to have some essential allies such as real bread, from Triticum and the best pure Iberian ham Gran Reserva Arturo Sánchez cut by hand at the moment.

As in La Royale, where we combine burgers with Premium Gin Tonic, here in L’EGGS we marry the eggs with our magnificent cocktails.

L’EGGS, comes from the Catalan pre word L ' ( the ) and the word " egg " in English EGGS. We think this represents our “engagement” to both, local and international clients who visit our city, and of course , with the most important the EGG, rices ans dishes to share.

Nuestra Historia 2