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In L'EGGS, dishes have one common denominator: Paco Perez cuisine.

All the dishes that we offer, are elaborate at the time.

Our specialties are rice, eggs and meat. All the product that we use are ecological or their provenience guarantees the best quality standard, where it has been carefully all the process from the seed to the table.

Our eggs
Calaf eggs from happy free-range hens
Creamy duck egg with corn, huitlacoche and its brioche
Fried eggs with Andalusian-style cuttlefish and tartar sauce
Goose eggs with red ranch-style salsa, prawns and potato soufflé
Quail eggs on grilled bone marrow, demi-glace and spring onion salad
"Simple" omelette with mushrooms, black pudding and pot-cooked sausage, Basque chili peppers and mushroom sauce
Egg in potato nest with chistorra cream, cheese and Padrón peppers
Fried eggs with potatoes and ham

A tough egg to crack
Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Amélie oyster travelling to Japan
Pure Iberian ham croquettes
Piquillo pepper and egg croquettes
Pure freshly-made guacamole with fried tortilla chips
Anchovies in oil and fresh anchovies with pickles and cheese cream
Easy-to-eat edible crab with mayonnaise from its corals
Horse mackerel tiradito with green curry, coconut and avocado
Vegetable fresh pasta roll with arrabbiata sauce
Pure hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian ham

Chicken strips with Chipotle mayonnaise and green curry
Jules Verne’s Steak Tartar
Freshly-made steak tartare, with fried onion waffle
TT of bluefin tuna, tartar and tuna tataki with nuances of umami

Green, how i want you green
Local vegetables planted for us
Quinoa, amaranth and cottage cheese salad
Divine tomato Provençal salad
Salmon poke with its caviar

Make it complicated
Pampered rice with red prawn and monkfish
Rice with seasonal vegetables
Surf and turf rice with tataki of Iberian pork feather loin
Lobster on "spaghetti arrabbiata" nest and poached egg 

Hake at 69, marine green sauce and razor clams
Grilled tuna steak with ponzu, seasonal mushrooms and wakame seaweed

Long live "Zarzuela" !!
Sea bass en papillote in herb butter with steamed vegetables

Grilled Iberian pork, Iberian ham purée, potato with skin and endive
"Aged beef" chop with piquillo peppers and pont neuf potatoes
Chicken strips
Our Eggs aged beef hamburger
Sirloin à la mode

Who's embittered by a sweet?
Yoghourt and red fruit
Pineapple, Coconut and toffee
L'EGGS Choco
Four cheeses Cheesecake
Tiramisu, amaretto jelly and cacao ice cream
Lemon pie and white chocolate with violet ice cream
Apple pie, roasted apple ice cream and whipped cream

Chocolate cake with its after eight ice cream
Cacao chocolate, roasted apple and white chocolate with violet ice creams

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