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In L'EGGS, dishes have one common denominator: Paco Perez cuisine.
All the dishes that we offer, are elaborate at the time.
Our specialties are rice, eggs and meat. All the product that we use are ecological or their provenience guarantees the best quality standard, where it has been carefully all the process from the seed to the table, as it is the purest corn, ham Arturo Sanchez, or the handmade bread from Triticum, which is made as the traditional way.

Yolk croquettes
Iberian ham croquettes
L’Eggs potatoe salad 6.00
Seasonal tomato salad, tuna belly chilli and tender onion
Green salad with mustard
Natural oyster (unit)
Shrimpballs in tempura with Thai sauce
Steak tartar Jules Verne
Steak tartar with mexican touched on a grilled bone marrow
Arturo Sanchez, pure acorn Iberian ham
Escalivada (roasted vegetables)
Chicken wings with spicy sauce and Pack Choi
TT of tuna, tartar and tataki of bluefin tuna

Fried eggs, with Iberian ham, potatoes and black garlic                                             
Fried eggs, andalusian style baby cuttlefish and tartare sauce                            
Quail eggs on grilled marrow bone, slice chilli and tender onions
Fried duck egg, smoked eel, garlic and pepper sauce                           
Slow cooked egg, iberian ham parmentier and slice confited artichokes         
Eggs Benedict                                                                                                            
Slow cooked egg with fried potatoes and chistorra sausage                              
Foamy omelette of mushrooms, Perol black sausage and goat cheese             
Spanish omelette with mushrooms duxelle                                                               
Pad Tahi omelette with prawns                                                                           

Fried hake cubes with miso mayonnaise
Grilled market fish with seasonal vegetables
Andalusian squid with kalamata mayonnaise
Chicken tajiné with cous cous
Mealy mushrooms rice with Parmigiano cheese
Rice with cuttlefish, sausages and crayfish
Black rice with cuttlefish shavings
L'Eggs Burguer
Lacquered Iberian rack without bones
Arrabbiata Spaguettini with shrimps and slow cooked eggs
Kid lamb shoulder with baked potatoes
Short loin Galician beef short loin (400gr) with potatoes and green beans

All our desserts are homemade
Chocolate cake
Tiramisu cake with coffe crumble
Crumble apple pie with baked apple ice cream
Carrot Cake with cardamomo ice cream
Cheesecake with seasonal fruit
Lemon ''pie'' with violet ice cream
French toast, Tahití vanilla, tonka and coffee
Seasonal fruit salad
Petit fours

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